The Operational-Technical Agency Skopje (OTA) was legally established under the Law on OTA, and started to operate on 1 November 2018. Its establishment was intended to prevent any abuse of the surveillance of electronic communications of the citizens on the part of the bodies authorized to conduct surveillance of communications or the operators. Its scope of protection covers only the electronic forms of communication among the citizens...





Disabling of any abuse of all measures during the citizens’ electronic communications surveillancе



an independent and autonomous public authority that provides technical link between the operators and authorized bodies



OTA operates under the Constitution of the Republic of North Macedonia and the EU Convention for the Protection of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms and the NATO Standards


Директор на ОТА - Зоран Ангеловски
OTA is managed by a Director, who is appointed and dismissed by the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia. On the proposal of the Committee on Matters of Election and Appointment of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, and following a previously published public vacancy announcement, on 7/9/2018, Zoran Angelovski was elected as Director of OTA...

Representatives of the Parliament of the RNM Pay Visit to OTA

The Parliamentary Commission for Supervising the Implementation of the Communications Surveillance Measures by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense, chaired by MP Emil Dimitriev, conducted regular control in the premises of the Operational-Technical Agency Skopje.

OTA Director Meets Parliamentary Committee

The Director of the newly-established Operational-Technical Agency (OTA), Zoran Angelovski, will be meeting today the members of the Parliamentary Committee for Supervising the Implementation of the Special Investigative Measure of Communications Surveillance on the part of the Ministry of Interior, the Financial Police Office, the Customs Administration and the Ministry of Defense.

Commission on Transferring UBK into OTA

The Government has reached a decision to establish a Commission for Transferring the Technical Devices for Communications Surveillance and the and Technical Documentation from the Security and Counterintelligence Office (UBK) onto the Operational-Technical Agency (OTA), which was established by means of a special law, in order to reform the communications surveillance process and to prevent any future abuses of the implementation of these measures.
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